Bees Who?

The Bees are an international, interracial, and sexy possibly interesting pair of writers who made the commitment to one day spend their lives together. Unfortunately, it’s distance that keeps them apart for now. These former long distance relationship lovers are now together after more than three years living on opposite sides of the world.

This blog is dedicated to those two Bees sharing their story, advice, and other musings about their unconventional relationship from opposite ends of the world. They hope sharing their story can help others in the same situation find the best ways to live a fulfilled romantic life from half a world away. Or to those who enjoy seeing the pain of others (you know, LDR Blues), you just might get a laugh.

From the Philippines, there’s Jenny Bee. She likes rice a lot. She used to devour books, but now a good portion of her time is occupied with writing, bee-ing, and piggy-ing. She’s great in bed with doodling on her notebooks, and taking screenshots of Timmy during their Skype sessions. There are only two things she’s obsessed about: Timmy and Something that only Timmy knows.

Over in the United States, there’s Timmy Bee. Timmy, a name only Jenny is allowed to refer to him as, is a baseball fanatic and aspiring writer. He’s great at trivia, drinks lots of water, and decided after two years in a long distance relationship with Jenny that he’d ask her to marry him.

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This was originally shared as “Midget Man”. But of course, “Pest” would also be an apt title…



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