Dystopian Probability


It feels like it’s so much to ask.


25 thoughts on “Dystopian Probability

  1. When the seagulls
    Follow the trawlers
    Then the fish will cry me a river
    But alas the river is freash water and with the nets tight by their ickle fins
    To become a great chum of a potato be it sliced and fried
    Will no kind heart buy a ice cream ..?
    For whom the crowd ask,silently..a snowman? Perhaps,it’s up to the winner of the race to decide gypsy or seagulls will be at the race to the dump the race…+?”what race”?
    Human? Hmm most poems are good,mine are not.send your friends my words and phrases that I may pen a great poem if the muse allows the struggling artist with no artistic Merritt?
    3its just a number
    As plato once said” when the seagulls follow the….etc


    Diksecsik??? Nope just sick of pigs”are they really thick as shit”.? Discuss

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